1980 D Roosevelt Dime

1980 Dime

Coin Dealer Insight: The new decade also saw increased production from both the Denver and Philadelphia mints with total production reaching over 1.4 billion dimes. Also, 1980 was the first year the P mint mark was used to denote production from the Philadelphia mint. Until 1980, unless a coin had a mint mark, it was assumed to be produced at Philadelphia. From 1980 on, all U.S. coins are supposed to have a mint mark to unquestionably designate which mint it came from. There were no error coins of note in 1980. Another fact of note was the Hunt brothers manipulation of the silver market in early 1980 which created artificially high demand for silver coinage. Much of the silver coins still in circulation were removed over the next few years.

Value: Can usually be found and sold for somewhere between $0.12-$6.00 price dictated by condition, certification, and current demand. Other factors include location, inventory, and urgency of sale.

Price Chart : Estimated Value Based on Scale

Mint: Denver

Production: 719,354,000 Roosevelt dimes were minted at the Denver mint in 1980.

Silver: This coin is 90% Silver with a silver weight of around 0 troy ounce pure silver. The other 10% is copper having no significant intrinsic value.

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