1950 D Roosevelt Dime

1950 Dime

Coin Dealer Insight: Production ramped up a bit for the new decade with production just exceeding some 117 million dimes. 1950 also saw a couple of significant Doubled Die and repunch errors including the 1950 D DDR and the 1950 S/ Inverted S errors. This was also the first year Roosevelt proof dimes were produced, with production at the Philadelphia mint. Proof dimes were struck from 1950 through 1964 at Philadelphia.

Value: Can usually be found and sold for somewhere between $3.80-$19.00 price dictated by condition, certification, and current demand. Other factors include location, inventory, and urgency of sale.

Price Chart : Estimated Value Based on Scale

Mint: Denver

Production: 46,803,000 Roosevelt dimes were minted at the Denver mint in 1950.

Silver: This coin is 90% Silver with a silver weight of around .0723 troy ounce pure silver. The other 10% is copper having no significant intrinsic value.

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